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Hans Bendtsen
  • Født
  • ABT 1655
  • 67. sg. Sigård, Klemensker
  • Begivenhed
  • 1703
  • 54. sg., Klemensker
  • Død
  • 1733
  • 67. sg. Sigård, Klemensker

Hans Bendtsen lived at the neighbouring farm "in Risen", the 68' Slg.

in Klemensker parish, from 1680 as the leaseholder (which meant he
had paid a lump sum as rent for an agreed upon number of years. It
was in the form of a loan, and Hans Bendtsen lived on the farm
instead of receiving interest on the loan.) Ownership rights to
Risen, according to a judgement dated 1680, belonged to Jens
Abrahamsen of Skovgrd, 65' Slg. Klemensker. After Jens Abrahamsen's
death in 1690, his widow Anna Andersdatter married Hans' brother
Peder Bendtsen. Their father Bendt Hansen was by this time, as stated

in the probate records from the death of his wife in 1688, "an old
and frail man". And since his heir, youngest son Christoffer, had
died in 1691, Bendt Hansen sold Siegård to his oldest son Hans
Bendtsen for 400 Silverdalers, which it had been valued at the time
of his wife's death. Half of that amount Bendt Hansen gave to his son

as a kind of loan; as after his death it was to be paid out to the
rest of his children as part of their inheritance. At the inheritance

proceedings after Bendt Hansen's death Peder Bendtsen maintained that

Siegård should have been made available to the rest of the family
after the youngest son Christoffer died. (Bornholm's inheritance laws

give inheritance rights to the youngest son.) He also claimed that
the farm should have been re-evaluated, arguing that it was worth
more than the sale price of 400 Sldr. This was supported by "the
daughter's husbands". Hans Bendtsen countered that the procedure had
been properly executed within the law; and as to the estimated value:

"Hans Bendtsen proclaimed that the farm had been upgraded in many
ways since he took over after his father, and that his co-inheritors
readily would be given their share of the remaining 200 Sldr.
whenever they wanted." It is not known how an agreement came about,
but in the end Hans Bendtsen kept Siegård.
Extracted from the probate for Margrethe Nielsdatter, February 25,
1743, page 241b:
Hans Bentsøns enken Margrethe Nielsdaatter. . . . 1 søn og 5 døtter.
Sønnen er
Peder Hansøn. . . 55 aar boende paa 67 Selvejergaarden. . . . Dend
eldste daatter ved navn
Zidzele Hansdaatter som er i egteskab med Mogens Jensøn paa
Brødegaarden i Ohlsker Sogn, den anden af dend salig qvindes daatter
er med navn
Kiersten Hansdaatter som i egteskab med Bendt Jørgensn boende paa 62
Selvejergaard i Clemendsker Sogn, dend tredie daatter
Dorethe Hansdaatter som er udi egteskab med Hans Larsøn paa
Jullegaarden i Rutsker Sogn, dend 4 daatter
Margrethe Hansdaatter som er udi egteskab med Peder Jensøn boende paa

Rosendal gaarden i Rutsker Sogn, ved dden er afgangen og efterlade 5
børn som er 4 sønner og 1
daatter, dend eldste søn er ved nafn
Jens Pedersn, 22 aar gammel, dend anden søn
Hans Pedersn, 18 aar gammel, dend tredie søn
Torkild Pedersn, 13 aar gammel, dend 4 og yngste søn er
Thoer Pedersn, 7 aar gammel, og daatteren ved navn
Karen Pedersdaatter, 16 aar gammel, alle hieme hos faderen Peder

Hans Bendtsen
ABT 1655 67. sg. Sigård, Klemensker
1733 67. sg. Sigård, Klemensker
Bendt Hansen
BEF 1630 56. sg., Klemensker
1702 67. sg. Sigård, Klemensker
Sidsel Pedersdatter
ABT 1630 29. sg. Vester Rosendalegård, Rutsker
1688 67. sg. Sigård, Klemensker