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Hans Pedersen Kofoed
  • Født
  • ABT 1627
  • Rønne
  • Død
  • BEF 1681
  • Rønne

Occupation: Mayor (Borgmester) of Rønne.
Reference: KG1 note
The swedish King Karl Gustav X ordered his forces, headed by General
Wrangel, to invade Jylland from the south early in 1658. They took
Frederiksodde fortress and from there marched across the ice (an
unprecedented feat, possible only because of the unusual cold) to the

island of Fyn, and hence on to Lolland and then Sjælland. That meant

that København was open to attack; which forced the Danish government

to sue for peace, and in the resulting "Peace of Roskilde" (February
1658) Danmark lost its provinces Skåne (Scania) and Blekinge, the
district of Bohus, Trondheim (in Norge/Norway), and the island of
Bornholm. As the sea-ice prevented any communication with Bornholm,
no one there knew of this incredible turn of events. Not until April

16, when the ice broke and a fishing-boat from Skåne brought the news

did the Bornholmers realize that they, without being asked, had been
made Swedish by the stroke of a feather-quill! On April 29 the new
Swedish Colonel (Oberst) & Commandant, Johan Printzenskiöld, landed
with 120 Musketeers and began exploring their new province; all the
while preparing the Bornholmers for their new nationality. By May 18,

1658, delegates had been chosen to make a journey to Malmø and stand
before Corfitz Ulfeldt and swear allegiance to the Swedish King. The
delegates included Hans Pedersen Kofoed and his cousins: Mads Madsen
Kofoed (c.1616-before 1665) of Eskildsgård, Hans Olufsen Kofoed (1625-

1694) of Blykobbegård, and Peder Madsen Kofoed (c.1622-1688) of
Svaneke. When the Swedes, despite the recently signed peace treaty,
renewed their attach on Danmark a group of Bornholmer decided that
now was the best chance for rebellion. Due to their quick and
decisive actions on December 8, 1658, they succeeded - for more
detailed information on the uprising see the entry for Hans' brother

Jens Pedersen Kofoed. After the rebellion Hans Pedersen
Kofoed was instrumental in the writing of Bornholm's declaration of
fidelity to Danmark, which was sent to King Frederik 3. on January
19, 1659 after the uprising against Sverige/Sweden. Hans Pedersen
Kofoed is mentioned in 1658 as a customs-officer (tolder) and
councilman (rådmand) in Rønne, and in 1673 as mayor (borgmester). On
the previous losses of Danish territories during the lifetime of
Pedersen Kofoed: The Swedes had declared war on Danmark in 1643,
invaded Jylland and Skåne and on June 29, 1644 defeated the Danish
fleet. In the resulting "Treaty of Brømsebro" of 1645, Danmark
ceded to Sverige/Sweden the provinces Jæmtland and Hærjedalen, the
islands Åsel and Gotland, and the province Halland - the latter for
thirty years (however, it was never returned). The old territory of
Skåne now comprises the counties (län) of Malmøhus and

Hans Pedersen Kofoed
ABT 1627 Rønne
BEF 1681 Rønne
Peder Hansen Kofoed
15 JUN 1598 Pg. Blykobbegård, Nyker
24 DEC 1648 Lübeck, Tyskland
Hans Madsen Kofoed
ABT 1550 Rønne
1623 Pg. Blykobbegård, Nyker
Mads Jensen Kofoed
1513 Lund, Skåne
Gunhild Hansdatter Uf
ABT 1530 Pg. Simblegård, Klemensker
AFT 1550 Bornholm
NN Clausdatter Kjøller
BEF 1566 Pg. Skovsholm, Ibsker
Claus Köller
ABT 1525 Pommern, Tyskland
AFT 1586 Bornholm
Margrethe von Schinckel
ABT 1535 Tyskland
1598 Bornholm
Elisabeth Madsdatter Ravn
ABT 1605 Rønne
SEP 1685 Bornholm
Mads Madsen Ravn
ABT 1575 - sg. Præstegård, Poulsker
AFT 1605 Bornholm
NN Michelsdatter Hartwig
ABT 1577 Rønne
AFT 1605 Bornholm
Michel Augustin Hartwig
ABT 1550 Nexø
ABT 1610 Rønne
NN Clausdatter Kames
ABT 1545 Rønne
AFT 1575 Bornholm