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Hans Madsen Kofoed
  • Født
  • 24 DEC 1634
  • Svaneke
  • Død
  • JAN 1704
  • 23. sg. Kofodgård, Østermarie

Occupation: Land-owner (Proprietær)
Reference: KG2 note
Hans Madsen Kofoed was Captain for the East-District (Østerherreds)
company and was given the esteemed position of reeve (sandemand) in
Østermarie parish. He became a very wealthy man through his own hard
work, plus what his wife brought into the marriage with her. Karen
Clausdatter Kjøller's probate hearing was held on January 22, 1694.
For his second wife Karen Hermansdatter Bohn probate was held on
February 15, 1702. Over the pulpit of the old Østermarie Church
(which is now in ruins) hung a banner with the Kofoed coat-of-arms
and the following inscription: "Herunder hviler velædle Herre
Capitaine Hans Madsen Kofoed, fød 1634 Juleaften, død 1704 d. 1'
Februarii." (Hereunder rests the noble Esquire and Captain Hans
Madsen Kofoed, born Christmas Eve 1634, died February 1, 1704.) From

"Bornholms Beskrivelse", Thurah, page 61. The above given date of
death seems to be in error - as other records place Hans Madsen
Kofoed's burial on January 21, 1704, and that his probate hearing was

held only a couple of days later, on January 23, 1704.

Hans Madsen Kofoed
24 DEC 1634 Svaneke
JAN 1704 23. sg. Kofodgård, Østermarie
Mads Pedersen Kofoed
ABT 1600 23. sg. Kofodgård, Østermarie
ABT 1646 Svaneke
Peder Poulsen Kofoed
1548 23. sg. Kofodgård, Østermarie
1616 23. sg. Kofodgård, Østermarie
Poul Pedersen Kofoed
1499 Rønne
1569 23. sg. Kofodgård, Østermarie
Bodil Ipsdatter
BEF 1525 08. vg. Dammegård, Østerlars
AFT 1550 Bornholm
Inger Pedersdatter
ABT 1560 Pg. Vellensgård, Nyker
AFT 1600 23. sg. Kofodgård, Østermarie
Karen Hansdatter Kofoed
ABT 1602 Pg. Blykobbegård, Nyker
ABT 1643 Svaneke
Hans Madsen Kofoed
ABT 1550 Rønne
1623 Pg. Blykobbegård, Nyker
Mads Jensen Kofoed
1513 Lund, Skåne
Gunhild Hansdatter Uf
ABT 1530 Pg. Simblegård, Klemensker
AFT 1550 Bornholm
NN Clausdatter Kjøller
BEF 1566 Pg. Skovsholm, Ibsker
Claus Köller
ABT 1525 Pommern, Tyskland
AFT 1586 Bornholm
Margrethe von Schinckel
ABT 1535 Tyskland
1598 Bornholm